Tech Upgrade / Consultation
Provide firmware updates for all existing gaming hardware onsite.
Advise on cost for replacement of missing or faulty components.
Advise on creating safe, game spaces in stadium or community locations -
from £200
Play Next Level - Fifa 21
In line with COVID-19 Secure guidance, a Fifa 21 showcase event.
The event can be configured to be
  • pre-match activity to engage target audience.
  • a stand-alone showcase 
  • additional value for a planned community message.
from £500
Product launch - Fifa 21 Next gen showcase
In line with COVID-19 Secure guidance, give your community access to the next generation of gaming consoles
  • Play next-level Fifa 21 in 4k on either
  • PlayStation 5 or
  • XBox Series X
from £600
Feel The Game - Fifa 21 Tournament
In line with COVID-19 Secure guidance, organised, competitive gaming.
Esports designed to engage with your community.
Offline or online options.
from £700
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