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When everyone is included, everyone wins

Inclusive events provide a better quality backdrop for all youngsters and are instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes.
Two-thirds of gamers have experienced serious harassment while playing online, much of it involving racist or homophobic threats, according to a report issued by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in July 2019.

ADL surveyed 1,045 respondents, which included adults ages 18-45 years old who identified as LGBTQ+, Jewish, Muslim, African American and Hispanic/Latinx, and who played games across PC, console and mobile platforms.

Over 36.6 million people live within 10 miles of an English Football League club.

Through working in conjunction with the network of EFL Community Trusts and the many related projects designed to increase participation, raise aspirations, inspire education, the LCG team have witnessed how gaming events can help break down barriers, minimise the feeling of isolation, smash through postcode rivalries, and help create a playing field that is level for all.

"It is great seeing something for children that gives them a space to enjoy video games and meet / make new friends. (The kind of thing I would have loved at a younger age)." - Parent Feedback (VOID Festival)
VOID Festival
The VOID Festival, a combined initiative between Peabody, The Pop Up Business School, GAME and LCG is a perfect illustration of how gaming can bring together a local community.

VOID (Videogames, Opportunities, Ideas and Direction) was designed to be a gaming festival to engage, educate and inspire young people in Thamesmead. Over £1billion is being invested in the area, making it not only the biggest regeneration project in London but also one of the biggest in the UK.

With over 400 youngsters attending over 5 days, the Festival gained attention from Training officers, Local Housing Associations, Independent Game Companies, PR Companies, Careers Guidance and local YouTubers.

In many respects VOID is a direct descendant of Insomnia, the longest running UK games festival with a close association with members of the LCG Team; hosting up to 100,000 customers each year at events at the Birmingham NEC.

Insomnia is a diverse and community led event containing content and features that are relevant to gamers, millennials and fans of popular culture. Customers attending the show have the opportunity to play the biggest gaming titles and new releases.

"Participants do not need to have any gaming experience as staff will be available to offer assistance and encouragement. Everyone will be made very welcome." - Raymond Ramsey (Crusaders Football Club)
Leeds United Community Trust
Members of the Team at LCG have also been directly involved in grassroots esorts activity involving Football Clubs in Northern Ireland. Crusaders, Glenavon and Glentoran have all encouraged young supporters to engage in pre-match gaming activity,

Former Chairman of Crusaders Stephen Bell “ It is an absolute pleasure to be able to seek new and innovative ways to engage with our young supporters. The games room at Seaview is an excellent way to interact with our fans and create a family friendly, welcoming match-day experience for everyone.”

Inclusive events provide a better quality backdrop for all youngsters and are instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes. Respect and understanding grow when children of diverse abilities and backgrounds play, socialize, and share a common interest.

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