A 5 day Games Festival built to engage and broaden the horizon of the Thamesmead Community

Charlton Athletic players taking part in a Fifa tournament versus local youngsters from Thamesmead
Photo by Charlton Athletic FC

VOID - a unique collaboration between the Peabody Housing Association, The Link Community Centre, The Pop-up Business School and GAME

"VOID (Videogames, Opportunities, Ideas and Direction) is a gaming festival that's designed to engage, educate and inspire young people.
This festival helps young people that want to start a YouTube channel, get a job in the gaming industry or generally make a living doing what they love."

Alan Donegan, Co-Founder, Pop-Up Business School
Throughout the week the Festival attracted interested parties who had been made aware of the event by the ever increasing social footprint that was being created.
Training officers, Local Housing Associations, Independent Game Companies, PR Companies, Careers Guidance, Local YouTubers..
The VOID Festival succeeded on many different levels, leaving an indelibly positive mark on the local Community of Thamesmead and the surrounding area.
The online gaming industry is introducing many people to activities and industries they may have never thought of before.

E-sports like FIFA can build a passion for sports while Minecraft can build an interest in architecture, construction and landscaping. We need to look at
residents interest and transferable skills and support them to reach their full potential."

John Lewis
Executive director for Thamesmead – Peabody
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